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I wish that I could officially own this idea- as it is brilliant! Soon after my original post about refilling my Dawn sudsy pump, I came across a post at Infarrantly Creative (I heart crafty-blogs too!) detailing how she repurposed her empty milk jugs for batch making her sudsy refill juice, and then she stored it under her kitchen sink- for insta-refillings when her soap pumps were empty! (I love a money & time saver combo, any day of the week!!!)

I decided to join the slick Infarrantly Creative sudsy club (x 2) when Dial hand soap joined the sudsy pump revolution! (I can't refill Bath & Body Works pumps, it seems too sacrilegious!)

I 'math-nerded out,' (on your behalf), and took care of the fractions involved in finding out the proper soap to water ratio! A one gallon jug (I purchased a new & clean one meant for drinking water at Meijer for $.29) needs the equivalent of 21 ounces of soap.

I prefer to use pretty warm water when I make my susdy refills. I think that it keeps the bubbles down and that the soap melts into the water more quickly, but honestly, that could just be my imagination... wink!

Looks the same...

And feels the same...

Only its FAR less expensive!

Since I am a hand-washing-a-holic, this is a perfect time/fund saver for my family!

Is making YOUR own sudsy worth it for YOU?



It is sooo worth it. I have been doing this for quite awhile, although I don't mix it up ahead of time. I just fill empty pump bottle with warm water and then add small amount of soap and give it a shake. I also use (free, thanks CVS!) body wash in the pump bottles because I prefer bar soap for showering. Nothing beats free, unless they pay you to take it home. :-)
Love your blog!


I have been doing this for a couple of years now and is less expensive and really, do your kids rub there hand and get it to lather?? So worth it!


I've seen this idea on some other blogs too for the hand soaps- I think I'll try this one out! Even though I can get free or inexpensive pump soaps (not foamy kind), it is nice to extend the life of them. My kids don't need as much as they think they do! :)

I didn't think about it for dishwashing liquid though...


Oh, I totally trying that out! Sweet and worth it too. My kids LOVE the foaming pumps much better and they don't have to work to hard to ge ta lather going - it's already there!

Thanks for the tip!


Can you link to the original post where you explained how to do this? I can't seem to find it.

At any rate, yes, to me it is worth it. It takes such a little amount of time and saves a LOT. I have had a few issues with soap to water ratios though and so I would like to see your original post- maybe it would help me out. :)

Infarrantly Creative you go here is my original post...

Thanks for the shout out!

Laura Webber


Laura Webber

OK, I added a link to my original post too!