Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Breakdown:

I have been asked to share how I kept this week's grocery purchase so low, here is what I did:

I purchased 3 boxes of 100 calorie packs =$6
I spent $3 in previously earned store rewards (Catalina's*) + $1 Meijer coupon from a booklet found where you pick up your weekly flyer = $2 cash

*Catalina coupons are the long slips of paper that automatically print at the checkout at several stores. They are normally handed to you with your receipt. Sometimes Catalina coupons are advertisements for upcoming sales, coupons or store reward money for making specific purchases!

Then I earned a $3 and a $2 Catalina coupon.

Most Catalina coupons do not "roll," meaning that you can't spend them on an identical purchase in hopes of getting the same Catalina coupons to print after the second transaction. It is best to spend Catalina's on other brands of items- especially where more Catalina coupons are to print.

For example, I would NOT spend my 100 calorie pack Catalina's on Breakstone cottage cheese, since these are both companies owned by Kraft. Spending my Catalina's between products of the same parent company will keep my second set of Catalina coupons from printing!

I with held all of my $3 & $2 Catalina coupons to pay for all of the other items in my cart- keeping my OOP (out of pocket) lower!

I hope this breakdown was helpful!



Thanks for the explanation.
The ability to roll catalinas may vary be region or by store chain. They do roll at all the grocery chains here in Pennsylvania. They will not roll at Walgreens.

Becky C

I had an issue with my multiple transactions. The $3 catalina from the 100 Calorie packs has fine print that reads "only one coupon per transaction" so after doing multiple transactions and receiving multiple catalinas, the cashier wouldn't let me use more than one $3 catalina on my last transaction for the rest of the stuff in my cart. So, I came home with a few of my catalinas to use next time.


I just went and got 9 100 cal packs! I am giddy!!! Thanks for all the tips!!


FYI - The $2 catalina rolls.

As for the cashier that wouldn't let you do it..I would have broken the transaction up OR went to self checkout.


I went to Meijer last night at 10:00. It was awesome. I left my husband and baby home sleeping. I had a few catalinas from my bendryl purchase at walgreens. I got 15-100 calorie packs, 20 Lysol products,bananas, a cheesecake (for the hubby), fabric softner sheets, reese's candy bars, 3 Wanchai Ferry frozen meals, 2 gallons of milk, and english muffins. I made 4 transactions. My OOP cost was under 14.00
Woot Woot for good deals.
Your faithful Indiana shopper!