Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Survey

As I was shopping this week, I overheard two friends (co-shopping, I totally approve!!!) discussing which honey product was the 'best buy!'

Now, maybe these two ladies were roommates are were sharing their grocery expenses, but one woman was bent on purchasing honey in the bear shaped container... the other woman just rolled her eyes!

Are YOU a sucker for the pretty packaging when making your grocery purchases, or do you let the value be your guide?



I only fall for the "pretty packaging" if it's something I will re-use on a regular basis. Just like the honey bear you mentioned I did buy one for the bear shape (daughters loved it) but have washed and refilled it for years now. I will reuse tins, bottles and heavy duty plastic packages. Over-all I shop Taste- Quality and value!!



Not since taking your class. Thank you Laura for OPENING my eyes and saving my family TONS of money. You are my hero!


I no longer fall for the pretty packaging unless its the best deal. But in the case of the honey bear I can see her point, my Grammy had a honey bear and its a nice memory for me. I guess we can form attachments to certain products based on past experiences :)


Sometimes I'm willing to pay the extra pennies for something I have a sentimental sweet spot for (the honey bear, bless him) or a brand I definitely prefer (Heinz Ketchup! Only Heinz! Always!), but the difference is now I do it as a calculated choice, not by habit!


Oh, value guides my buying all the way. Unless I have overage I want to eat up, then I'll splurge on something fun! :)