Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Local Ladies:" Meet Saving in Detroit

I have decided to take the next several weeks to introduce MICHIGAN's long list of savvy shopping blogs to you! Each day I will be adding a new blog to my "Local Ladies" sidebar! Enjoy!

Jenny, the blog author of
Saving in Detroit (, is a local lady who loves to share her coupon spending insight through her own personal shopping!

Jenny has a very unique style of sharing her spending and savings each week in her Friday Frugal Report... she uses charts and graphs! I LOVE it! Jenny also shares an in depth chart of her weekly Meijer purchases (it is super easy to read!), weekly HOT deals and sweet online deals!

Jenny, thank you for sharing your coupon journey with us, I love reading/learning through the use of your charts and graphs!


Paula Wethington

Laura - is the link correct?

Laura Webber

Wow! Thanks, I just fixed it!

Staying Lean

I love her detailed charts!


Thank you for doing this segment. I'm from the Metro Detroit area and I love finding out all the sites to help me save money!


Laura, the link is still not correct.

Laura Webber

Hi Chris,
Thanks! I just figured out how to eradicate that problem! Sorry about that! I was fixing, but it wasn't sticking- but, by George, I think I've got it! :)