Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Survey

What is YOUR shopping style?

Are you an 'in and out' kind of shopper? Do you linger in the stores so you don't miss a thing? Do you prefer to shop alone or in good company?

Me? I'm an 'in and out' kind of girl, but I love to shop with my son... he is a delight riding shotgun in my cart!


Staying Lean

Definitely in and out. I even organize my coupons by the layout of the store and start from the back to front to be as efficient as possible!


I call myself a "getter" not a shopper....I run in and get what I need and get out. Bugs my family to death because they are shoppers and don't understand how I get such good deals but hate to shop. I hate hate hate to shop----missed out on that gene I guess.

Staying Lean

Sunnie you are a woman after my own heart! I concur!


In and out and alone. When I shop with my fiance we always spend more and shop longer. I hate shopping.

Paula Wethington

I shop alone, except when the college daughter is able to team-tag with me!


When it's the weekly trip, I get what I've planned for and keep track of how much I've spent. Then, if I have any money left in my grocery budget, I like to mosey along the clearance end caps to see what they have. DH always goes with me and I like that.

Today I only have a few things so it will be In & Out and by myself. If DH wasn't sleeping (night shift), he would go with me.


I'm an in and out shopper for groceries and necessities. I even shop with a list organized by the Meijer store layout. I always go by myself, but tried shopping with a friend and her baby a few weeks ago and had a blast! I love to linger when shopping for clothes and home goods.


Hmmmm...well depends on the store. If I'm going grocery shopping I;m an "in and out" shopper but drug store I tend to look around because I always find a good bargain. I prefer to shop alone.



It depends on the type of shopping. If it's tag-sale or thrift store shopping, it's fun to go with a friend. If it's Ikea, I love going with my husband and browsing. Most of the time though, I prefer shopping alone & taking my time. I'm not as much an 'in & out' shopper, although I'm becoming more like that recently...time, mainly.


I HATE shopping alone. Sometimes I have to, and it's so boring. I'm a total people person. And when I grocery shop, I like to go slow and find unknown deals. If I could get a job grocery shopping for other people, I would do it. Now clothes shopping, is another thing. I hate shopping for clothes. Nothing fits right, but I refuse to go all "What not to wear" and get a tailor. Ok, I'm rambling. SOrry. :)


I would love to be "in and out," but no matter how good my list is, I always wind up forgetting where things are or missing something on the list and having to backtrack, and when anything happens to throw off my "system," like things being out of stock or deals not working out like I predicted, I get very confused and have to stand around for five minutes re-sorting my coupons. Hence, I *NEVER* take my two kids (ages 2 and 4) if I can avoid it. I do, however, take my iPod! I listen to podcasts to allay boredom.


I love having the luxury of grocery shopping alone. I love to browse the aisles for hidden deals or products I'd like to get when I find a coupon or whatever.
Reality, though, is that I usually have limited time or a little boy who would rather not be along for the ride or both.