Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Local Ladies:" Meet Saving Dollars and Sense

I have decided to take the next several weeks to introduce MICHIGAN's long list of savvy shopping blogs to you! Each day I will be adding a new blog to my "Local Ladies" sidebar! Enjoy!

Kristie, the blog author of Saving Dollars and Sense
(.com), is a Metro Detroit blogger who happily shares her personal spin on savvy spending tips and tricks!

Kristie loves to post about HOT online deals, savvy advice like how to save on ink expenses and coupon previews for what to expect in the newspaper the following weekend. Kristie also shares her personal shopping adventures (with pictures, yay!), her weekly meal plan for her family and how to save while homeschooling!

Kristie, thank you for being a wonderful (and extensive) online savvy saving resource helping us to save!


My name is Kristie

Thanks for featuring my blog in your list of Michigan bloggers! What an honor to be listed among some of my favorite Michigan bloggers!


Laura Webber

You are welcome! I'm happy to have posted about your site!