Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Local Ladies:" Meet Just Living Life

I have decided to take the next several weeks to introduce MICHIGAN's long list of savvy shopping blogs to you! Each day I will be adding a new blog to my "Local Ladies" sidebar! Enjoy!

Tara, the blog author of
Just Living Life (, is a Michigan blogger who can't help but share the sweet deals that she finds!

Tara posts the weekly match ups for VG's, online retail deals, and HOT online printable coupons! Tara shares special deals and freebies like magazine and music deals as well as fun freebies sent to your mailbox!

Tara, thank you for sharing all of the great deals that you find! We are all able to enjoy spending less because of your time spent online!


Staying Lean

And she taught me that you can get a Chicago Tribune with higher value coupons at Barnes and Nobles. I do that at the beginning of the month now when all the coupons are out!

Laura Webber

WOW! I didn't know that!


If Tara could do a blog post on just the Chicago Tribune thing, that would be great. She had mentioned it in passing in a blog post, but it'd be great if she fleshed it out more, including where you can get the paper, the price, etc.

I saw a Rite Aid in my area carry the Trib for $3.50 and I think B&N carries them.


BTW, with Easter the first weekend in April, are we likely to have a lot of coupons that week? I would think probably not?

Laura Webber

Hi Chris,
Traditionally, the newspapers skip placing coupon inserts in the paper on holiday weekends... bummer, I know!