Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Local Ladies:" Meet Bargains to Bounty (formerly Macomb Money Savers! YEP! She's BACK!!!)

I have decided to take the next several weeks to introduce MICHIGAN's long list of savvy shopping blogs to you! Each day I will be adding a new blog to my "Local Ladies" sidebar! Enjoy!

Jolyn, the blog author of Bargains to Bounty
(.com), (formerly of Macomb Money Savers) is a local lady on the East side of Michigan who joyfully brings her time, passion for savings and coupon match-up talent to the web!

Jolyn is a Master Match-up Artist, blogging the weekly match-ups for Aco, Aldi, Busch's, the drug stores, Hiller's, Hollywood, Kroger, Meijer, Nino Salvaggio, Oak Ridge, Randazzo, Target, Value Center/Fresh, Vince & Joes, VG's, and Whole Foods! Jolyn also enjoys posting great online and regional deals, as well as great ideas to help you spend more wisely!

Jolyn, thank you so much for spending so many hours of your week for our financial benefit! You are a huge blessing to so many!!!


Staying Lean


Bargains to Bounty

Thanks so much, Laura!

Paula Wethington

Hey Jolyn, you'll want a new button for the comment boards : )

Laura Webber

It is SO good to have you back my friend!


Oh, Monroe beat me to it. But you need to change the name for comment boards, too, which is what I noticed first.