Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grocery Budget?

Collin, the blog author of Hip2Save has just written a post about her grocery budget, and she's received several hundred responses from readers all over the county who are sharing what their grocery budgets are! If you are interested, read what people are spending HERE!

Personally, my grocery/household budget is comfortably set a $50/week for our family of three.

PS: Do YOU like it when I bring other other bloggers' articles to your attention?


Staying Lean

Yes I like it and I do it myself! :)

Mom C

I do too and I actually posted to Collin's blog as well.


Yes, I like it. I just can't read every blog myself and I like knowing what you found interesting. I actually used to subscribe to Colin's blog but...just couldn't keep up.

Paula Wethington

Yes I like the blog articles you are picking out.

Laura Webber

Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep it up!


Yes, I like it...helps me learn more. Plus you have good taste in reading suggestions! And I like that you aren't scared to direct your readers to other bloggers. :)

Laura Webber

Thanks Lydia!