Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spending/Saving Saturday January 31- February 6

Our family loves to use Pillsbury pie crusts for making
Quiche and Chicken Pot Pies!


Grocery Total: $32.01
Spent: $6.00
Saved: $26.01

I had (1) $.50/2 MFC, and I earned a $4 Catalina for my next purchase!

I read about a sweet Pillsbury pie crust deal earlier in the week, at Macomb Money Savers, and I ran to Meijer to try and take advantage of this deal just before my family and I left for Chicago for the weekend! (Hi to all of my new friends at Community Christian Church!!! I loved meeting so many of you today!)

I sincerely apologize for not posting this deal earlier in the week, I mis-read and thought that this was an ongoing monthly deal!

I also purchased a package of bagels and a Coke at Jewel Osco (my first time shopping there!) for $4.58... sorry, no picture!

My previous two trips to Meijer this week are pictured here!

Total spent this week: $22.35
Total saved this week: $170.90



Hi Laura,

We love using these pie crusts for quiche and chicken pot pie, too, but since we won't be using them before they expire, I put them in the freezer. This is my first time doing this.

I'm not one to freeze things (except things that come home cream, frozen veggies, etc.) but this week I've had to freeze the pie crusts and some Jimmy Dean precooked sausage patties I got a super deal on.

Do you simply place them in the freezer as is, or do you wrap them up in more than their packaging?


Laura Webber

Hi Pam,
I just slide the box into the freezer as is! Make sure to thaw overnight in your fridge for best results!!!


Okay, I am totally bummed! I went to 2 Meijers in the past three days and neither had the pie crusts on clearance. They were ringing up as regular price when we scanned them. I guess no quiche or chicken pot pie for me this week! :(


Great, thanks, Laura!