Thursday, February 25, 2010

Know Your Prices By Location

The above picture and the below picture are for identical products, but one is priced $.16 less!

Both of these pictures were taken a Meijer locations, and both of these stores are roughly 12 minutes from my house... but it seems that one location is less expensive for me to shop at!

In the grand scheme of saving, $.16 is NOT a great amount of savings! But, when I spend a $.50 coupon, which doubles at all Michigan stores- the above bottle of hot sauce is FREE... and I like FREE!

I'd also say, on average, that I place at least 30 items into my grocery cart each week while shopping at Meijer. If I were to spend an extra $.16 on the items in my cart, I'd be spending an average of an extra $4-5 a week on the exact same items that I could get less expensively by shopping the same store chain, but another location!

Have YOU ever scoped out the prices between identical stores but differing locations?



such a great point! I have two kroger's within 5 miles of my house and the prices are often different and with the three walgreens as well!


This scenario I realized 2 weeks ago. I knew that some Targets could have different prices, but a 15 cent difference would have saved me $. The 1st target I went to said the oatmeal cost $1.17. I bought several (w/coupons in order to get the gift card deal) thinking that what I read online was the price variation. Well later that week, not 15 min from the other Target, I stopped in to buy some more oatmeal. This time it was only $1.02. I couldn't believe the difference when we're talking the same county, 15 min. apart. (The less $ one is actually closer to me so that's good! :) ...boy I seem to be writing loooooooong posts recently. Sorry about that. :)


Argh! This never occurred to me until one fateful day in August. My husband had been working hard to finish remodeling our master bedroom and completing our daughter's nursery. He was working his bum off in the summer heat to finish it all before Izzie was born. I promised him a new flat screen TV for our bedroom when he finished.
The one he picked out was on sale at Wal-mart. While we were out and about we stopped to pick one up, but they were sold out. We figured, "Oh well. We can get it at the Wal-mart near our house."
We took the 15 minute drive home and stopped in at Wal-mart. To my surprise the T.V. was $60.00 more! What! When I asked for a manger to see if they would honor the price at the Wal-mart only 15 minutes away, I was informed that they could not. The price differed by region. What! The north-east is a region. The south-west is a region. Last time I checked 15 minutes did not a region make.
Needless, to say we waited until later in the week and returned to the Wal-mart with the lower price after the T.V. was back in stock.
Shoppers beware. We never thought we would need to price check the same exact store when making a big purchase.
Christy in Lansing


I learned of the Red Hot Deal in November at the different stores. I thought that since I read it from the MMS blog it might be cheaper in that area. So i first bought a bottle at the $1.15 price. Then the next time I shopped I decided to go to a different Meijer because it was by a Target and I wanted to pick up some items there as well. When I realied the Red Hot was cheaper at this Meijer and started paying attention to this store I realized it was worth the few extra minutes to go to this store versus the one closer to my house. Since I have less problems at this store also with catalina's printing and the clerks are also more friendly.


I'm jealous.... our Meijer DOES NOT double ANY coupons!


I find that the Target on Grand River has cheaper prices than the one on Haggerty.


Just a note...not all meijer stores double coupons...the ones in GR and Cedar Springs don't, I asked about it and they said "why should we, no other stores around here do" we miss out on the freebies more than not! bummer


I noticed walmarts always seem to have the biggest differences!


I was terribly disappointed when I went to Kroger in Flint.They do double up $1. couopns which is great but evrything was much higher. That really put a chink in my savings. Buyer beware!!


That is crazy! I never noticed it around here much, but now you are making me wonder. :) Gonna have to do some detective work!

Laura Webber

I'm really sorry that the West side of the state-ers do not have doubling coupons... that STINKS!

Kristin- Stampin' Fanatic!

Yes... I live in St. Clair Shores and it seems like at all the stores everything is WAY higher priced than other stores in Macomb County. Our taxes our higher, so I guess I should expect no less ;)

Laura Webber

Ah, taxes...


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