Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Want-A-Peek Wednesday

Grocery shopping at Meijer

Grocery total: $98.77
Spent: $13.48
Saved: $85.29

I specifically stockpiled trash bags (the *only* brand that my husband finds worthy for our trash can) this week with my remaining $21 in Register Rewards and I also spent the $5/$25 general merchandise coupon (sorry, it seem that it is no longer available) to spend only $2-ish for a great supply of trash bags! We were down to our two last bags...

In case you haven't looked into shopping at Meijer yet this week, it is a GREAT week to score some great deals!


Becky C

I went to Meijer last night. Spent $50 and saved $120!! $50 for a cart FULL of groceries...produce, bread, frozen veggies, pasta, LOTS of snacks! Plus 70 bonus box tops for the kids' school for purchasing 4 BC Fruit Snacks and 6 Chex Mix.

Laura Webber

Woo Hoo! Great shopping Becky! I *heart* Meijer this week too!!!


When I looked at the pie crusts, they weren't posted as on sale. I guess I should have done a price check! Did you have a coupon for those? I looked and didn't see one.

Laura Webber

$.50/2... so $1.29/box, I think!

You making quiche?


Hi Laura,

Great shopping! But I have a this your "weekly" shopping or "coupon only" shopping? When I go shopping, I get good deals on many things I buy but I also HAVE to buy things each week, such as milk, OJ, apple juice, bread, cereal, canned goods, etc., that may or may not be on sale or that I have coupons for. I have enough canned tomatoes and tomato sauce to last me a while, but there are many common things that we need every week that creeps that $$ total up on me.

Because of this weekly shopping that I have to do, I can never just pay $13 for almost $100 worth of items, items that my family needs each week. Like I mentioned, I do try and stockpile when I can but there are still those same items that can't be stockpiled or purchased cheaply.

Just wanted your thoughts on this.


Laura Webber

Hi Pam,
I just posted in your honor!


Nope, we were in the mood for chicken pot pie! I HAD to have it, so I bought the store brand for $2...oh well!


In regards to the previous poster. I am new at this as well, but I have been able to cut my grocery budget from well over 100.00 a week to about 40.00 I am still able to get diapers/wipes/fruits/veggies/toiletries and enough to make good meals for my family. I agree with Laura, it is a change in your shopping habits.
A faithful INdiana follower!


Have you frozen bananas before? I was wondering for my 10month old. Just curious.

Laura Webber

Hi Anonymous,
Yep, I've frozen bananas before... just peel them before you freeze.

PS: Yay Faithful Indy!!!