Friday, January 1, 2010

Sharpen Your Scissors: TWENTY TEN

Happy NEW YEAR! I LOVE a fresh start! In doubling the pleasure of a 'clean-ish slate' of a year with a blog-o-versary filled with new goals... (sniff, sniff) its just beautiful!!!

I have decided to place a little bit more a of a definition of who I am in the great expanse of the blogosphere. I consider myself more of a 'Grocery Blogger' than a 'Deal Snagger.'

I am much happier putting my time and energy into more practical purchases like groceries and household consumables (like napkins, and laundry detergent)- and making sure that they are put to good use either by my family or another person with needs. 2009 was a year of reflection for my husband Dave and I. We no longer want to toe the line of 'Have to Have's.' We are prefering to grow in the areas of gratefulness and contentment.

As the care provider for my family and our home, I have been adjusting my shopping and spending habits to reflect a more simple lifestyle, which has been helping us to be more thankful for what we have been given.

Mixing our desire to live more simply with being a blogger in a 'nickle and dime yourself to death' type of blogosphere means that I need to be willing to define myself and not look back. I will still be offering stockpiling deals, and I will continue NOT tempting you with offers that can influence you to spend you time, energy and money on things that don't really matter in the grand scheme of living!

Although I began posting in 2009 with super-sluthing sale items and a lot of Q&A, and am MUCH more happy to begin 2010 with your family (and mine) in mind!

Sharpen Your Scissors TWENTY TEN:

Who Am I: My name is Laura Webber, and I am a Christ follower, a wife to my wonderfully supportive husband Dave and I am happily a stay at home mom to our two year old son Boaz... oh yes, and I am a super savvy consumer!

What You Can Expect: to be encouraged along your journey to savvier savings with grocery and household purchases! I currently will be sharing the following posting schedule:

Sunday Survey: hear what other Sharpen Your Scissors readers have to say about relevant and timely topics.

***Celebration of Food Sunday: share recipes/ideas for national food holidays.

Grocery Game Plans for Kroger and Meijer: come and find out which items are at rock bottom prices (including coupon match-ups) each week for the leading area grocery stores.

Drug Store Deals: find out what the Top Steals & Deals of the week are for CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreen's.

Tutorial Tuesday: learn new easy & inexpensive recipes to add to your recipe repertoire! Enjoy seeing the recipe unfold step by step in pictorial format.

***Recipe Junction: swap recipes for the week's highlighted stockpilable item.

Want-A-Peek Wednesday: pictures of my weekly grocery shopping trip(s).

Thought Provoking Thursday: creatively thinking outside the box for non-grocery/household spending.

***Meal Plan/ Grocery List: peek at my following week's dinner menu including a grocery list for ingredients necessary if you'd like to share the same meals.

***Spending/Saving Saturday: a monetary snapshot of my weekly spending and saving.

Where To Read Each Post: you can read each post directly at, you can also subscribe by feed reader or receive email updates by clicking the links along the right sidebar and by visiting *** to easily find all of the recipes shared at Sharpen Your Scissors.

When Are Classes Held: I teach classes by invitation. If you are interested in bringing a class to your area, please contact me at sharpenyourscissors@gmail . com.

How You Can Participate: please feel free to send any questions to the above email address, add your insight into any post by leaving a comment (by clicking on 'comments') at the bottom of each post, or by becoming a 'Follower' of Sharpen Your Scissors. Periodically I host give aways here and of course you'd want to participate to have a chance to win!

Why Do I Teach/Blog: I teach to encourage other to begin spending more wisely and to be able to take better care of their families. Teaching also allows me to fund raise for Raincatchers, an organization that brings clean drinking water to families in some of the poorest villages in Haiti. I blog to share ideas, point out HOT weekly sales and to answer questions along your journey!

I am looking forward to TWENTY TEN being a great start to a more simple new year!



I am VERY excited to see where your blog is heading! The new additions to your weekly lineup sound awesome. This is exactly the type of blog that I have been wanting to see!

Laura Webber

Thank you!!! I'm trying to find my own corner of the blogoshere!


This looks awesome! I have been following some other blogs and have gotten overwhelmed with trying to get all the deals while keeping my grocery budget ridiculously low. I think reading your blog and just sticking to the basics will be a better fit for me personally. Thanks!


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