Saturday, January 9, 2010

Q & A

Coupon Clipper: Do I have to ask a store to double my coupon and will they even double a 50 cent one to a dollar off???? Plus, how many coupons can I use in one transaction. At Meijer for example... Thanks.

Me: If a store doubles coupons they will state that information either on the front or the back page of the weekly flyer (or it may be posted in the window of the store front). When a store advertises doubling coupons, they will also inform you of the value of coupons that they are willing to double.

In my neighborhood, the larger grocery chains, like Meijer and Kroger, advertise coupons doubled up to (and including) $.50. So, a $.35 coupon becomes $.70, and a $.50 coupon becomes $1's worth of savings. It is also true that a $.55 coupon (and higher in face value) is just accepted at face value.

The doubling of coupons isn't something that you need to ask your cashier to do for you, the cash registers are programmed to do that automatically!

Kroger recently changed their coupon redemption policy to accept THREE identical coupons per transaction. Any value, any time. (Break your purchases up into more than one transaction if you need to!) If your coupons are $.50 (or a smaller face value) they all will automatically be doubled when scanned by the cashier.

Meijer allows the first TWO identical coupons with face values of $.50 (or a smaller face value) to be doubled per transaction. Similarly to Kroger, just purchase your items in smaller transactions so that each of your coupons are doubled.



Thank you, Laura! Very helpful. Even if basic information. :) I live in the Mt. Pleasant area and heard of you through my mother. I am not sure that my Meijer does the doubling automatically??? I guess I will have to look more closely at my receipt.

Laura Webber

The best advice I can give... become friends with your store managers! The can give you straight information, and even inside scoop like when they put their reduced produce cart out! Good luck!


I always forget about the limitation of how many identical coupons they'll double per transaction...I'm usually too harried after shopping with my two boys and just want to get the groceries on the belt and go! :-) (My boys are 12 and 6 and are excellent shoppers, but they continually talk and ask questions! It's enough to drive me crazy when I'm also trying to spend coupons wisely! lol)

I'll have to keep this in mind today when I do our weekly shopping. Thanks, Laura!


Laura Webber

My pleasure Pam!