Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday: Cheesy Potatoes

Tutorial Tuesday

Tutorial Tuesday's design is to visually share money saving food preparation techniques along with easy and inexpensive recipes. This week I am happy to share how to make Cheesy Potatoes... YUM!

This post is dedicated to Kelly, the bearer of this yummy dish for the past three Thanksgiving dinners... thank you!

Simple ingredients, yummy outcome... every time!

Seriously, shredded potatoes, chips, cream of chicken soup, sour cream and cheese- what's NOT to love?

Yes, I could have shredded my own potatoes, but this is an EASY recipe, so I began with a nice bag of Ore Ida's!

Kelly told me that it is better to have the potato shreds loose and not a big potatoey ice cube- so she will allow the bag to sit on her counter for about an hour before she begins making the dish. I however, chose to remove my shreds from the freezer the night before, and had them to defrost in the refrigerator over night.
Place your shredded potatoes in a large bowl, and add the tub of sour cream and the can of cream of chicken soup. Mix thoroughly!

Mix in the shredded cheese a little bit at a time, until the ingredients are thoroughly combined!

Note: I shredded cheese from a block. I have found that shredding my own cheese really does taste MUCH better than purchasing pre-shreds, plus... I am always able to shred 3-4 cups worth of cheese from a single 8oz block... an 8oz bag of pre-shredded cheese is only 2 cups!

Lightly spray the inside of a 9 x 13 pan, and evenly spread the mixture inside.

Next, take a couple of handfuls of chips, and crush them to smithereens!

Note: Can you tell that I used the Ore Ida bag to crush my chips in? Ziploc's often tear open when crushing items that will have sharp-ish edges. Some "Green" people will even save the thick plastic bags that cereal is kept in inside the boxes to use for future crushing!

Apply a thin layer of chip crumbs over the entire top to the mixture.

Bake at 350* for an hour, and enjoy!

Recipe Recap:
1 large bag of frozen shredded potatoes
2 cups of shredded cheese
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1 tub (16 oz.) of sour cream
Potato chip crumbs (at least 1 cup)

What I love about this dish is that you bake it at home, and you can easily travel without fear of spilling the contents! Cheesy Potatoes are yummy hot and even once they have cooled to room temperature too! Maybe this dish could be passed at one of your next holiday gatherings!

Do you already make this or a similar dish? Do you have any variations? Kelly's boyfriend likes to have Frosted Flakes crumbled on top instead of the potato chips... My arm could have been twisted into adding bacon crumbles into the mix...



I make this often too- so easy and feeds a large group. We use Sour Cream N Onion chips on top.


My mother in law taught me how to make this- but with a couple of slight variations. She uses the "southern style hashbrowns"...which basically are potatoes cut into little tiny squares (also made by OreIda) and crushes Corn Flakes on top instead of chips. I also been known to add a combo of mozzarella cheese and cheddar depending on what I have on hand. But, however it's made...it's super tasty!!!


Okay - this may sound a bit naive, but I have had this question for years. I thought I had settled it in my mind - until you brought it up. I have also always gotten more than 2 cups of shredded cheese from an 8oz. brick when I do it myself. So are we really getting more or is it just air from being unsettled. Isn't 8oz, 8oz no matter what form it is in? I started buying the preshredded to save myself the time when they are marked the same price as the brick. Now you have me questioning again. Can someone clear this up?


Laura Webber

OK, Have you ever visually seen the difference between fresh shreds and processed shreds? They are noticablly different.

Processed shreds have something coating them... my in laws swear that it is plastic!!! I've never looked into it further.

But whatever coats the processed shreds to keep them from sticking together in the bag- and probably from molding too quickly as well, adds some sort of weight to the 8 ounces of cheese that is in the bag!

It is interesting isn't it!!!

B. Young

What else can I include in place of the cream of chicken? Cream of onion maybe?

Laura Webber

How about cream of mushroom? Or maybe cream of Broccoli?


Thanks for the idea! I will be trying this at a large family dinner this weekend!


This is one of my favorite dish's! I use cream of mushroom soup instead of the chicken and actually have never tried it with anything crushed on top, but might have to the next time I make it! So good. Think it will be on my meal plan very soon.


The white powder coating pre-shredded cheese is calcium sulfate, and I think there are some vegetable starches in there, too. Some companies try to use it as a selling point... "All natural cheese with added calcium!"

Becky C

My recipe (which has softened cream cheese instead of sour cream) has been a favorite of my ladies Bible study for years. We have had them at brunches, lunches, dinners, parties, baby showers, game nights. We have decided that cheesy potatoes are good ANYTIME! We are having an Appetizers and Desserts party next week...I am sure someone will bring Cheesy Potatoes. :-)


That looks yummy! Im going to make it soon!


And feel free to post more "easy" recipes! :)

Laura Webber

Hey Stevie... every Tuesday!!!


Holy yummy! This looks awesome and I'm going to be making it for Christmas. What more could you ask for than cheese, potatoes and chips?!


omg...yummy...now to find some frozen potatoes in my freezer, lol


You can also use fat free soup, and sour cream....it still tastes great. I always use plain corn flakes on top.


This is a much loved favorite dish in our family as well! We add 1/2 cup to 1 cup of diced onions for flavor. Thanks for posting this recipie, more people should know about cheesy potato goodness!


I use campbells cheddar cheese soup, makes it the more cheesier.

B. Young

I tried this fir the first time yesterday. The chips on top were very different, and became soggy after about an hour. However, overall this dish was GOOD!!!! I plan on making it again for our NYE party, but maybe without the chips.

Thanks for this!!!


Literally just pulled this out of the oven and I love it. I love potatoes period but I've never made this. So easy and yummy.

I shredded my own cheese an potatoes thanks to the food processor...I also sliced my finger open. Well worth it!


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