Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Survey

Have you decorated your tree yet?

I know, I know, if you have a real tree is may be standing bare for a few days while it settles, I'm now itching to get our to get our tree!

Every year, after Christmas is over, I scavenge through the 75% off clearance merchandise for the following years ornament theme.... I can't wait to see the ornaments that I have forgotten that swooped up for pennies on the dollar!

How do you savvily decorate the season at your home?



We are waiting until this weekend to get our first real tree. I think the kids are old enough to get excited about it finally. With this being our first real tree we're hoping that it doesn't dry out before Christmas!


We have a fake tree and it has been up since the day after Thanksgiving. I do the same that you do, I go after Christmas to get a lot of stuff on clearance for the following year. I wish I had bought more wrapping paper last year though. I really can't wait until after the holidays this year to shop, shop and shop some more!


We have a small fake tree up but I'd love to get real one too. Make sure if you get a real tree you saw off the bottom. A lot of times, the sap builds up at the bottom so it can't get enough water to the top. All our needles fell off one year because of this! And my mom and I also go out after Christmas and get a lot of Clearance stuff!


My husband and I were given a plastic tote full of tree decorations for a wedding present. What an awesome gift especially when we were married in June! But I have always made something with my kids to put on it paper chains, snowflakes, paper ornaments, etc. it fills in the holes and make them feel like it is their own!


We collect one ornament per year to document something in our family. My children also receive one ornament per year. For instance, when we went to England, we got an ornament of a miniature double-decker bus. The year my son played football, he received an ornament of a football player. The year my daughter was a fairy in a play, she received a fairy ornamnet. It is fun to remember where and when we received each one as we decorate.
In the beginning of our marriage/family, our tree was pretty bare, and we covered it with 88 cent per box candy canes (Wal-mart). But, as my family ages, we have almost more ornaments than tree space. We always cut our own tree. Be sure to cut it again when you get home so that it will suck up water well (like you do with fresh flowers). Water daily. Only leave the lights on when you're home.

Laura Webber

I LOVE these traditions! Thank you all for sharing!

Kristin- Stampin' Fanatic!

I love to decorate with scrap paper and ribbons. I take all my 5x7 frames and matte 4x6 pics on pretty holiday paper. I use pics of past holidays. I then make little tags for around the frame and tie it on with cute ribbons.

Here is a link my blog with somemore ideas and pics of what I've mentioned: