Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cheepie Awards!

Baby Cheapskate is a blog that I feature along the right hand column of my home page- you know, the blog that features the best deals on baby formula & diapers each week!

Well, Baby Cheapskate is offering $100 to ONE lucky winner who shares his/her favorite (ahem) money saving blog... (ahem, again!!!), and I be THRILLED if you'd consider sharing Sharpen your Scissors as one of your favorite savvy shopping skill learning blogs!!! If awarded the Cheepie Award, I would win a featured article on Baby Cheapskate!

Thanks for connecting here and sharing the savvy shopping love!



Done! That would be a win win situation!

The Pohl Family



Nominated you, friend! :-)

Laura Webber

Seriously, thank you!


Good Luck!! We nominated you!!!
Jessica, the girls & Will