Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Survey

Thanksgiving '08

I LIVE for Thanksgiving dinner! Honestly, if I were to judge each holiday by the food served- Thanksgiving would win every year!!!

I feel like this is the year to begin new family traditions in our little family, since Boaz is just on the cusp of turning TWO! How do you celebrate thankfulness in your family?

And what do you do creatively speaking, with your Thanksgiving leftovers?


Carrie B

Creatively speaking, I creatively pawn them off onto friends, family and co-workers. It may not be honorable, but I try every year nonetheless. ;-)

I read an interesting story about Thankfulness where everyone took a card or piece of paper and wrote down one thing they were thankful for. Everyone took a turn picking one and reading it. They guessed who was the person thankful for that thing, but I reckon you don't have to turn it into a game. I think my husband and I will start the same thing, minus the game since it's just the two of us!

PS: The coupons this week are a little more sparse than usual, with the shift toward Black Friday (big, fat sales vs. big, fat coupons). Disappointing, but there are still tons of good deals!


We celebrate thankfulness by making a "thankful tree" I cut a bunch of leaves out of paper and starting on Nov 1st, every night at dinner we write what we are thankful for and put the leaf on the tree. by thanksgiving the tree is full of leaves and reasons we are thankful.