Sunday, November 22, 2009

Q & A

Coupon Clipper: Recently it seems that every coupon I have any interest in clipping say DO NOT DOUBLE? This is becoming very frustrating, does the grocery store follow their rules on this and double it anyway or follow the manufacturer? Do you find you still can find a deal with these types of coupons?

Me: Many coupons say do not double, but still double when scanned into the system.

If your coupons bar code begins with a tiny 5 and then a rash of numbers- the coupon will double automatically when scanned by the cashier. If the first number in your coupon's bar code is a tiny 9, than the coupon will NOT double unless it is entered manually by the cashier.

The choice of doubling is actually set by the store and not so much by the Manufacturer. The Manufacturer offers the face value of the coupon as a discount to the shopper, and the store offers the coupon doubling as their thank you for shopping with them!

If a store chooses to override the Manufacturer's recommendation of not doubling a coupon, they may do so. When a Manufacturer feels very adamantly about their coupon not being doubled, they "code" their coupon's bar code in a way the the cash register reads- and the coupon can not be double without a manual override.