Saturday, November 14, 2009

Savvy Shopping: Spending Store Rewards

This week Walgreen's has glucose monitors on sale for $14.99, plus when you make a purchase you will earn a $5 Register Reward (Walgreen's store money).

Recently, there had been a coupon in the Sunday paper to receive up to $30 off of a Bayer glucose monitor.

Since the monitor was on sale for $14.99, the coupon value would need to be adjusted down to the purchase price (that's what the wording on the coupons means when it states "up to $30") of $14.99. Basically, the monitor was FREE and the $5 in store money is earned for FREE as well.

Then, I turned around and purchased some spices (I'm hoping they are at least decent), and other inexpensive baking products with this weeks sales!

All for FREE by spending my $5 in FREEly earned Register Rewards!

Keep in mind that there are many locations that would LOVE for you to donate glucose monitors to their patients!
*Food pantries
*Nursing homes
*Free clinics
*Veterinary hospitals

For a donation location near you, visit!