Saturday, November 14, 2009

Savvy Shopping: FREE + FREE

I take time each week to read the local sales flyers, just so that I can be aware of what is on sale for the week.

I keep my eyes open especially for buy one get one FREE sales, since I can spend one Manufacturer's coupon per product: meaning one coupon on the item that I am paying for and one coupon for the item that I am getting for FREE, thus lowering the price of the item that I actually have to spend money on!

I especially LOVE matching buy one get one FREE coupons to a buy one get one FREE sale... meaning the store gives me one product for FREE and my coupon gives me the other product for FREE, so receive BOTH products for FREE!

This week, Rite Aid had Herbal Essence shampoo, conditioners and stylers on a buy one get one FREE sale. I also had (6) buy a shampoo/conditioner and receive a FREE styler coupons.

6 shampoo/conditions and 6 stylers = FREE!

BUT... to make this deal even sweeter (um, if you consider purchasing tampons sweet in the least!) I also spent a $5/$25 purchase coupon especially for Rite Aid.

I was able to use this additional $5/$25 coupon because before I handed over my (6) FREE styler coupons, my purchase total was $27-ish, since each Herbal Essence product was $4.59.

My $27 total qualified me to spend the $5/$25 (so FREE box of $5 store brand tampons) and then I handed over my Herbal Essence coupons - leaving me only needing to pay the 6% sales tax!

***I printed my coupon so long ago that I can't find the link, but Common Sense With Money offered this link to a $4/$20 coupon to Rite Aid! Enjoy!


Becky C

I just made a 10:30pm trip to Rite-Aid. 12 hair care products for $1.65!! You can't beat that! Thanks for the heads up (no pun intended). :-)


I tried to do this at Kroger with the body wash B1G1. The first day the cashier let me use 2 coupons and the second day (a different cashier) wouldn't because the second item was already "free". She called the store mgr and he also said no to the second coupon. My thought was as long as I purchased the required number of products and they weren't actually handing me cash back why wouldn't I be able to use both coupons? Corporate said I could only use one since one item was already free also. Although other store locations let me use both coupons.