Friday, October 2, 2009

Sprucing it Up Around Here...

The bold new look of Sharpen Your Scissors has inspired me to make a few more technological advances as well!!!

1. has 'moved' to Actually it happened seamlessly about a week ago and you never even knew it! Don't worry, your computer is smart enough to redirect you to the '.net' site if you have this site saved with the '' address. You'll still receive all of my posts any way to try to locate me!!!

2. I have added a new feature, under the SUBSCRIBE header on the right hand column of my blog. Subscribing to Sharpen Your Scissors means that you will never miss a word that I write because my posts will automatically come to you.

a. You can subscribe with your RSS Feed reader.
b. You can sign up to have each post automatically emailed to you.

3. I have joined the ranks of TWITTER! If you would like to hear me tweet (I mean, who wouldn't?) my handle is @mrsdavewebber... but beware, I talk quite a bit about how cute my son Bo is!!!

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