Sunday, October 11, 2009

Product Deal Alert!

I have been watching for a deal/sale on a vacuum food sealer for about 6 months! I popped into Target yesterday and found the Rival Seal a Meal (Ugh, this name reminds me of Richard Simmons all sweaty and jumping around enthusiastically in spandex shorts... sorry!) on clearance for $35. The Food Saver bags were also on clearance for 40%-50% off as well. If this product interests you, head to your local Target (or call ahead) and grab one for yourself!

If any reader has tips/tricks for using a sealer... please leave me a comment! I can't wait to suck the air out of something!!!



We got one when we got married and I love it. Depending on what you are freezing, I would recommend freezing it first, then putting it in the bag and sealing it. It helps the food hold it's shape without getting smooshed when you vacuum the bag. That technique works good for twiced baked potatoes, veggies, and just about anything that is smooshy :)

Laura Webber

Brilliant advice! Thanks!


I'm interested in this, but if it is on clearance are they discontinuing it and how would we get bags in the future?

Laura Webber

No, all of the vacuum bags are mix and match- so other brands of bags will absolutely work!

And maybe Target is the only store discontinuing this product?

Bargains to Bounty

I was able to snag a FoodSaver last spring and we've made good use of it! This weekend, I coated 10 lbs of chicken breast to make Parmesan-crusted Chicken, flash-froze it on cookie sheets, then sealed in FoodSaver bags portioned for our meals. I love how it gets rid of freezer burn and makes everything last longer! (I wish the bags weren't quite so pricey, but getting them on clearance sure would help!)


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