Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grocery Shopping at Meijer

I finally made it to the grocery store today... I had to swoop up some cheese!

Grocery total: $81.85
Spent: $30.64 & Saved: $51.21
*I also spent $4 in store reward money from
purchasing Warm Delights last week.
15 coupons spent

No matter how many bags of frozen veggies that I already have in my freezer- I just can't pass up $.05/bag! Also, I paid for my cheese in 5 transactions so that I could stock up!!! Cheese is definitely freezable!



Do you freeze the cheese as is, or do you shred it first?

Laura Webber

As is. Do you think I should shred it first? Currently this cheese is in our frige... I was thinking that I'd only freeze what hasn't been eaten when each package nears its expiration date!


How do you do five transactions? Do you actually have to go through the line five times??? This is a d-u-m-b question, I know....but it is the kind of thing I always wonder about....

Laura Webber

I almost always use the U-Scan machines... and I plan my shopping around non-busy times of day (9am-ish) and I just pay for a few items and then check out and I do this several times... then I pack up all of my groceries and leave. No one has ever batted an eye!