Thursday, September 3, 2009

Paying It Forward

I am in LOVE with this story! It just takes ONE person to light and candle and show the way. Just like Amanda has inspired her friend Beth to care for her family in a different way through coupons, YOU can pass along the same information to your circle of influence!

"You inspired me. So, I did checkout the Sharp Scissors lady and from her I found Mommy Snacks. I could not figure out how to sign-up to follow the SS lady, but the mommy snacks thing is just what a blind lady needed.

I have always love the idea of coupons but just could not figure out how to find someone who could go through them with me, and then could assist me in using them while shopping. But with Mommysnacks she sends out the deals, including the ads that match with coupons, from the papers, and printables. I did not know about the printable thing and since I am only a relatively new computer user, I never thought about it.

This week we spent $42 at Meijer, Saved $40 in Meijer savings, $3.50 in Meijer Mealbox coupons, and $10 in manufacturer coupons, for a total savings of $53.50 that we would not have saved before. We only purchased stuff we will use.

Then we went to Kroger and spent something like $18, saved about the same in store deal savings, and other manufacturer coupons. I could not believe it.

The hardest thing was that I had a whole bunch of coupons, a list of what I wanted to buy, the ad with the highlighted items, but I do not usually shop like that [shopping by the sales] and I had to take a lot of time to find stuff in the store. I am going to see if I can find the store map online and make the shopping list in some kind of order. "


The Pohl Family

That is great! I have turned my sister-in-law onto coupons and she has been reading this site. As well as 3 other friends/relatives, 2 of which I believe are attending the class with me in Milford.

It is amazing what you can do and save, and things you can get that you need/want but wouldn't have normally gotten or had to wait on.