Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another HAPPY Shopper!

Hi Laura, I just had to email you after our experience at Super Kroger on Sunday.

First of all, I walked out the doors of Kroger feeling like a new person . My husband couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the receipt that clearly showed $137.00 in coupon savings. I keep staring at all the food in my refrigerator like its gold!!!! Thank you for all of your help, knowledge and insight. Your coupon enthusiasm is truly contagious!!!!

After I went shopping with you and the other women, I came home and really went through everything so I could get a better grip on the miracle that had just happened. I actually went back to Kroger and used some of the coupons I forgot to use that day just to try it on my own. I spent $10.00 on a bill that was over $50 ( AMAZING).

Here's the real kicker. I took my mom to Kroger today because she was convinced I was fibbing about my coupon savings. My mom's Super Kroger bill originally came to $25 and she handed the cashier $1.62. The best part was having to grab my moms hand and walk her away from the check out line because she simply froze.

All I can say is, this feels great! It feels great to be able to take my job as a mom and a wife one step further. I feel like I'm contributing to our family savings plan in a whole new way! It was also amazing to experience that excitement with my mom. My parents have been in a tough spot financially with my dads job and being able to share what I learned from you with my mom will help them in ways they never thought were possible!

Yep, THAT is why I teach coupon classes! Thanks for sharing your story!!!