Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grocery Game Plan: Meijer

Here are my favorites this week for Meijer, September 6-12

10/$10 + the 11th item FREE
*Keep in mind you can purchase each item for $1 without purchasing all 11 items... if you only need 7 items, just spend $7. It doesn't make sense to spend $3 more just to get the 11th item (value: $1) for FREE!

Banquet Sausage
The turkey variety is just 35 calories a link and it is yummy!

Kraft Easy Mac
Spend the Mealbox $1/2
You potentially could get two cups for FREE if these were your 10th & 11th items.

Green Giant Steamers (frozen vegetables)
Visit macombmoneysavers for an EXTENSIVE list of Green Giant printable coupons
Final price: FREE

Totino's Pizza Rolls
Scenarios from my friend Amy

*40c/2 mfq- pizza rolls (only first 2 coupons double)$1/3 mealbox--pizza rolls, $1/5 pizza's

Buy 6 pizza rolls and 5 pizza's for $5

*6 pizza rolls:
use 3 of the .40/2 pizza roll coupons (only 2 will double, not the third)Use 2 of the $1/3 meal box for pizza rolls= $2

"buy" 5 pizza's
Use 1 of the $1/5 coupons.
you will wind up paying $3 for the 5 pizza's. $1 off with the coupon and your 11th item (one pizza) will be free.

NON- 10/$10 Sale Items:

Barilla Pasta (includes Piccolini) $.89
Spend the $.50/2 Manufacturer's coupon (Meijer will double)
Final price: $.39/box

Lysol cleaning products are 50% off
There are various Manufacturer coupons and two Mealbox coupons to spend
Final price: very inexpensive or FREE cleaning supplies!

Meijer Milk, $1.49/gallon


To access Meijer Mealbox coupons:
1. Visit Meijer.com.
2. Enter the word "MEALBOX" in the search box in the upper right hand corner of the homepage.
3. When a blue box pops up on the right hand side of your screen click on "Specials."
4. Click and print the various Mealbox coupons.

Keep in Mind:

*Meijer will only double the first TWO identical MANUFACTURER coupons. This may mean that you will need to break your purchasing into ONE large transaction and SEVERAL smaller transactions to ensure that ALL of your coupons are able to double.

*Meijer will never double a Mealbox coupon.

*Meijer allows the 'Stacking" of one Manufacturer coupon and one Mealbox coupon per items purchased unless either coupon states otherwise. For example, a coupon may say save $1 on two items, then you would need to follow the purchasing rules for that specific coupon.

*Rain checks are available at the customer service desk, at the podium in front of the cash register lines or with your cashier. Remember that Meijer rain checks have an expiration date 30 days prom printing along with a limited quantity printed on the rain check. The quantity limited depends on your stores location.

*Meijer offers a $.05 bag credit per bag that you supply for your groceries. You will probably need to ask for your bag credits!

AND AS ALWAYS, please leave me a comment if I have missed a deal... Thank you!


Bargains to Bounty

I didn't realize Meijer had a bag credit - I'll need to check into that!


I know that Meijer will only double up to 2 identical coupons. I always seem to forget that and my deals aren't as sweet as I had planned. But I do know it's a rule. In any event, I printed some of the coupons that Macomb Money Savers had posted for the Green Giant veggies. Two questions:

1. Will the coupons for "any variety 19-24 oz. only Green Giant frozen bagged vegetables" work for the Valley Fresh Steamers?

2. If I have 6 coupons that are for the same item, but are worded slightly differently, does that qualify them as "identical"? Or will they all double without a problem?

Thanks for the help!

Bargains to Bounty

I can answer these - hope that's okay, Laura! :)

1. The Valley Fresh Steamers are 12 oz, so the Green Giant Frozen Bagged Vegetables for 19-24 oz coupons will not work in this case.

2. Coupons are considered "identical" when the bar codes match. You'll need to compare the 12-number bar codes on your coupons first (wording generally doesn't matter). Coupons from different sources may still have identical codes, so it can be tricky that way....

Laura Webber





the northville meijers told me they don't do the bag credit anymore (led me to believe that no meijers does)... any ideas?

Laura Webber

I always forget to ask for mine since I gravitate towards U-Scan... in Livonia

Bargains to Bounty

I noticed that the U-Scan now has an "I brought my own bag" button at the beginning, but I wasn't sure if it actually DID anything! :)

Laura Webber

Um, Nope. It just weighs your personal bags so that it can make sure that you aren't putting non-paid for items in your bags.


Sorry I was so Late on Reading this post--- Here's My question... Is there a limit to the number of identical mealbox coupons you can use in a transaction? I know you can print as many mealbox coupons as you like, and this week I printed and used 2 of the same... but could I have used more if I wanted to?


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