Monday, September 7, 2009

End Construction


Welcome to the newly designed Sharpen Your Scissors! My husband Dave took a sledge hammer to the old layout and has BEDAZZLED my site to reflect the joy and enthusiasm that I have shaping your new approach to spending your hard earned finances.

I hope you enjoy peeking around at the new layout and some of the new features. I have done my best to keep the best qualities from the former design while adding more flair because, lets face it, PINK is a fun color!

I will continue to update Sharpen Your Scissors with more bonus features including a resource center and select advertisers. I am currently working to host the coupon sites of, RedPlum and SmartSource so that you will be able to click and print your favorite online printables without needing to skip around to several websites.

Please feel free to leave me any ideas/features that you feel like I am missing.

Much love, Laura Webber




Comments feature works!

Everything looks great...I love the leetle paper clips. :)

Bargains to Bounty

It looks amazing! Very crisp, clean and professional! Great job!

The team

I love the new layout--very clean and organized!!!! Pink is my favorite color!