Saturday, August 8, 2009

Welcome Nesties!!!

I have heard from several friends and family members that I have been unaware of some new friends that I have been making!

Welcome to Sharpen Your Scissors Detroit Nesties!

Feel free to look at all 350+ posts, ask questions (sharpenyourscissors (@) gmail (dot) com), and even join a class! After reading many of you comments on The Nest, it sounds like I will be meeting many of you, YAY!

FYI: I enjoy giving away gift cards when I feel like I have something to celebrate, so feel free to sign up to be a SYS Follower (along the right hand column of my blog) to be eligible to win FREE money! Only Followers are eligible to win!

Once again, welcome! I look forward to meeting you, answering your questions and hearing your comments!

***For those of you who are not a Detroit Nestie, let me give you just a bit of background information. The Nest (which is where the word "Nesties" comes from: a "Nestie" is someone who belongs to the site!) is an online community for young marries ladies. Just like is for brides who are planning a wedding, offers advice for newly married life.



Thanks for welcoming us!


You can thank TheSkimmy (Kim) for getting us all hooked on your blog!

Thanks for sharing with us!!!

Laura Webber

Thanks TheSkimmy... I have a hug with your name on it!


Yes, I found out about your blog/classes through the Nest! :) Can't wait until the class in the Clinton Twp/Sterling Heights area! :)