Friday, August 7, 2009

And The Award Goes To...

The TOP SHOPPER award goes to #2!!!

Sarah Miller- YOU are One Sweet Shopper!!!
(Tell me, where did you get your mad shopping skills? J/K!)

Please let me know where you'd enjoy your $10 gift card to be from, and I will HAPPILY send it your way!

I was significantly impressed by all 4 of my contestants! It was great to see each of these ladies purchasing items that their families will actually be able to use! Even just $5 can go a lot further than one usually thinks that it can!

Way think outside the box to purchase trial sized products, rebatable items and items that earned gift cards! Way to spend coupons instead of cash ladies... this was fun for all of us!

Thanks for celebrating my 100 (now 111) followers with me... we'll have to celebrate again soon!


Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

Thank you SO much Laura!!!! I am humbled that the coupon lady thinks I am a sweet shopper ;) I really did have a great time doing the challenge, and I hope all the other shoppers did as well - everyone did do a great job shopping. And I would love the gift card to be from, where else, but Target of course!!! Can't wait to see what other great deals I can find - hopefully I'll do all the people that voted for me proud! :)


Congratulations, Sarah! You did an excellent job, as everyone did! Thanks again, Laura, for the experience!



Hi Laura and everyone,
I have to discuss my experience at Target last night. I went with several coupons in hand and my box of coupons. While I was shopping bargains, I ran into two of your past students, Laura. In fact, one of them had in her hand your handout from your class! Anyway, they gave me a few pointers as well as some coupons. I didn't know the "Basic" paper towels at Target are actually Bounty brand, so that answers the question I had about that. I stocked up, with four more coupons the other shopper shared with me.

I had the snarliest cashier ever...she had me find, from the bags, almost everything she had just rung up to make sure I actually was buying it, and she called the manager twice, once on the Tide travel sizes that so many of you buy. Wow, do you all go through that every time you shop the travel sizes? I was beginning to feel conspicuous, for sure!

Anyway, I made some good deals, but was a little discouraged by the cashier. I wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong.


Laura Webber

Hi Pam,
It isn't you, it is the cashier. Unfortunately Target is known for their feisty cashiers... I have had to make a reputation for myself at my local store. I call corporate EVERY time I have a less than great experience with a Target employee, and I make sure to let that employee know that I am calling corporate to make them aware of my experience.

Keep spending your coupons at Target, they will change when they get hounded by corporate!