Monday, August 3, 2009

Grocery Total: $56.58
Spent: $16.64 & Saved: $39.94
35 coupons spent
So technically nothing was FREE, but my Skippy ($.03/each) and my applesauce ($.16/each) were pretty close!
I also received (3) $1 Catalina coupons (store money) for purchasing sets of two Skippy peanut butter jars... I had no idea this promotion was running until they printed this morning!
I am often asked how I knew that a Catalina would print... and often I am just happy to receive them when they print- I often am just as surprised as you! Andrea at seems to have the field on the Catalina information, and when she posts about weekly grocery deals- she lists the Catalina deals at the bottom of her posts.
Me... I prefer to be pleasantly surprised!