Monday, August 3, 2009

The Dirty Truth...

I am a full fledged member of 'Team Dumpster Dive!' I did it, I really did it!

***To a coupon spender, the term "dumpster dive" means to obtain coupons without paying for them. Sometimes coupons are traded (baby coupons for cat coupons) or coupons are found laying out in the open.

The "Dumpster Dive" that I am so very proud of actually included ME reaching into this dumpster...

But look what I found!!!

OK, I was pulling into the parking lot at a local grocery store just as an employee was taking out the floral department's "trash." I rolled down my window and I asked if I could take the flowers home with me. The employee said he could get fined and then fired if he allowed me to do that... BUT, he said once he was out of sight I could do as I pleased...

This pleased me!!!

Once upon a time I looked into becoming a professional floral arranger... this girl can NEVER have too many flowers... can you believe that I found 6 dozen roses in there?

These two arrangements were sent home with my Mom and my sister tonight... the flowers were so beautiful and they smelled great!!! Their 6 minute visit in the dumpster did them no harm!!!



how awesome. what a beautiful day :-)

Mom C

I have to tell you, Sunday night is trash night in our neighborhood and I convinced my husband to go with me to check recycle bins. I drove the van and he walked. We only went on our street. We got what amounted to two full bags of papers but I really hit paydirt and got 5 complete sets of Sunday's coupons - all four inserts! I'll probably only cut a few out at a time because there are so many, but boy, I didn't know if I should be ashamed or jump for joy. In the end, I was jumping for joy and LOL!

Laura Webber

Free is free! I'm jumping for JOY right with ya!


Dive on in! :-) I love my flowers, they still look beautiful. Thanks, sis!