Monday, July 6, 2009

What To Do?

I LOVE FREE item coupons... like this one from Oscar Mayer.

Sometimes it is very tempting to run out and spend a FREE item coupon right after it is received... but I have learned patience and restraint. You see, anytime between receiving this coupon and 7/31 (the expiration date) I am guaranteed a FREE package of hot dogs. BUT... if I hold out, I may find that Oscar Mayer hot dogs are on a BOGO (buy one get one FREE) sale- scoring me TWO FREE packages of hot dogs with just my FREE item coupon!!!

I also follow this rule with my BOGO coupons. If I have a BOGO coupon for a favorite brand of shampoo... I keep a watch out for that very same brand of shampoo to go on a BOGO sale before my coupon expires.

Even if I never hit a "Double Dip" sale to match my FREE item or BOGO coupons, it is worth the wait since I will still receive the coupon discount when my coupon is spent before its expiration date!

Personally, I LOVE holding out for "Double Dips!!!"

***In case you are wondering where I received this coupon... I registered with Oscar Mayer to receive this coupon a few weeks ago. Keep reading the blogs that I list on my right side bar (especially to find out about these special online offers!



I was just thinking the same thing. Yesterday I recieved my FREE M&M's and Flatbread Melts coupons. I am going to wait to see if the Melts are part of a buy 10 get $ off deal before it expires.

Laura Webber



Hi. Can you explain to me the "double dip" theory? You're saying with a BOGO sale and "free item" coupon, you would pay for 1 item and get 2 more items free?
Thanks :-)