Sunday, July 5, 2009

K-Mart's Super Doubles are Back!!!

Check your weekly flyer (or enter your zip code at just to make sure that your store is participating in this weeks SUPER DOUBLES!!!

KMart seems to be changing the number of coupons allowable per person per day... this weeks sale allows shoppers to spend:

*Maximum of 10 coupons per person/day.

*Grocery/household/hygiene spending total must equal $25 before coupons for coupons to double.

*Absolutely NO coupon overage will be given (when your coupon's value exceeds the value of the item being purchased).

*Only 4 identical coupons will be accepted per transaction.

Check out for a post including 40 FREEBIES to score this week at KMart!

I'd LOVE to hear YOUR KMart story if you shop the SUPER Doubles this week!!!


The Coupon "High" mom
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Mom C

Hi Laura,

I did 2 Kmart trips today and I feel pretty good about what I purchased. Here are the details:

1 Visine $4.19
2 Dry Idea Deodorant $4.19 each
1 Secret Deodorant $2.49
4 Pantene Shampoo's $3.33 each
4 Pantene Conditioners $3.34 each
4 Boxes Cheerio's $6.00
2 A1 Sauces $3.79 each
4 Package Tuna Fish $2.19/each
1 Clorox Reg Bleach $2.19

I used:
$2 - Dry Idea Coupon (used 2)
$2 - Pantene Coupon (used 8)
$1 - Cheerio's Coupon (used 2)
$2 - A1 Coupon (used 2)
$1 - Bumblebee Tuna Coupon (used 4)
$2 - Visine (used 1)
$1 - Secret (used 1)

20 Coupons totaling $60.90
OOP $7.19 including $1.55 tax

I received a coupon for $5 off $25 in Health/Beauty which I spent on the 2nd transaction.

I'm quite happy with the outcome and I may buy a couple more tuna packages.



Hi Laura: I got 146.00 worth for 25.00. I was thinking my total would be less but I got 3 of the new Purex, 6 boxes of Cakesters, 12 Pantene products, 6 Playtex Disposable gloves, 3 boxes of Slim Fast and a few other items. HOWEVER, I had to politely argue with the cashier over the free styling product you get when you buy the Pantene (The one in last Sunday's inserts). Finally I asked to talk to a MGR and they came over and agreed with me, the cashier couldn't wrap her mind around it since she kept saying I was getting the shampoo and conditioner for FREE so that wouldn't qualify me for the styler, she didn't understand that those 2 free items qualified me for the free styler, we went round and round for 5 minutes, but she was very polite about it thankfully. IN the end I only scored 2 more bottles of hairspray than she was going to give me originally but they had to re-ring the whole order 3 times because the computers weren't taking the coupons, I was there with 2 small kids for 2 HOURS! In the end, I realized that I wasted all that time for 2 more bottles of hair spray that I didn't even need but they were all free. Other than Slim Fast and detergent, I only shop the double coupons when I can stuff for free or under a quarter. Make sure you allow plenty of TIME when you go to Kmart, I've had to spent a lot of time there in the past, word to the wise!

Laura Webber

WOW ladies! Great shopping, and thanks for the ideas and coupons used! I always appreciate insight... especially those that require us to have more time to shop... with kiddo's! I can't wait to go KMarting later this week!


Kmart has a $5 coupon of a $20 Toy purchase that Hip2save links to in her post about the deal to use the $5 coupons on Pictureka card games. While looking for a small toy to reach the $20, I discovered that all clearance toys/games are 50% off the clearance price! I picked up a $20 toy for $2.50 - they had playmobile, megablocks, and quite a selection of toys and games on clearance throughout the toy and game aisles. I'm going back with another 5 off 20 coupon and picking up some bargain gifts from the clearance selection.

P.S. Ditto what was said about allowing plenty of time - Kmart is the slowest store I've ever been too - makes me wonder how they've stayed in business!


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