Saturday, July 11, 2009

Electrasol Dishwasher Tabs

About three times a year the makers of Electasol dishwasher tabs places $2.50 (yep! Two fifty!!! How exciting) off coupons in the Sunday paper. This weekend we are supposed to receive these wonderful coupons in the Smart Source insert!!!

My personal advice would be to purchase a few more papers than you usually do. The industry standard (well, my advice anyway) is to purchase one Sunday newspaper per person in your family, this allows for quick and effective stockpiling (purchasing multiples of the exact same item) for the quantity that your family most likely consumes.

This weekend it would be wise to purchase above and beyond (if you own a dishwasher) your normal number of newspapers.

Boxes of Electrasol tabs usually contain 20 tabs, but Target often sells the bonus boxes with 20% more tabs- or 25 washes worth.

To make this coupon even better (catch your breath!!!) Target and the drug stores usually will have a sale bringing the price from around $4.59/box down to at least $3.50 and as low as $3. That's a really good deal!

I have yet to experience this myself, but a friend of mine (thanks Erika) shared with me that Dollar General sells (there might only be 12 in the box... I don't know) boxes of Electrasol tabs for $2.50 everyday. I'll definitely be checking my local Dollar General to see if that is indeed the case!

So... word to the wise, stockpile the papers tomorrow, purchase EARLY in case your news stand sells out (this NOTORIOUSLY happens) and don't settle for boxes with a sale price of higher than $3. Electrasol will go on sale before the coupon expires! ***If you are dead out of detergent, spend one coupon and hold out for the better sale!!!

Just sharing the love!!!



FYI - Meijer will have these on sale for $3 starting tomorrow, AND there's a $1/2 Mealbox coupon, making them free when you purchase two with both the Mealbox and manufacturer's coupons. Hooray! :-)

Laura Webber

Woo Hoo!!! Thanks so much!!!

Tina C.

At our Meijer's they were $3.50 each, making it 50 cents a box after both the coupons, still a great deal!


I am so glad you posted this. The coupon was not in the Flint Journal, but because you mentioned it, I went out and checked the Oakland Press. Sure enough, it was in there, and I bought a few papers. I only have 3 boxes left from the last Electrasol sale.


Target had them on sale this week for $3.50 a box. I used the $2.50 off coupon plus a $1.00 off Target coupon on one of my old receipts so I got it for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky C

My Meijer has them 2/$7...that's $3.50/box. Do different Meijers have different prices??

Laura Webber

Many store are regionally priced. Lacey (our first commenter) lives in Grand Rapids, MI where her store (lucky dog!!!) is selling Electrosol for less than our region. Try Dollar General, that's where I think I will be spending my coupons!