Saturday, June 20, 2009

Toilet Paper

OK, understand that it is kind of a taboo subject to talk about toilet paper. Weird huh? We all use it- so I think TP deserves a bit of lime light here at Sharpen Your Scissors!

Once upon a time Kroger sold 4 roll packages for $.99. Ah, the good ol' days! Frequently, the makers of Cottonelle brand toilet paper would publish $.50 off coupons in the Sunday paper, and Kroger would double those coupons to make the 4 roll pack of TP absolutely FREE! Woo Hoo!

Unfortunately those wonderful 4 roll packs of Cottonelle have long since disappeared from Kroger's shelves... but alas, I have found them once again!!!

Walmart has picked up where Kroger has dropped off... 4 roll packs of Cottonelle! allows each of us to print two $1 off coupons per month on their site! That's 8 FREE rolls of Cottonelle TP my friends!

So if you have been staring longingly at your last 4 pack of Cottonelle- afraid to unwrap its wonderfulness beacuse it may very well have been your final pack, or if you have begun rationing "squares per flush" to hold on just a bit longer to the belovedly FREE Cottonelle, or if (like me) you are trying desperately to de-snob yourself from you FREE Cottonelle and succumb to tolerating the FREE Angel Soft... (I'm being brutally honest here friends) than join the ranks who are headed to Walmart for the GOOD STUFF!!! (Hmm, that sounds funny!)

May there be happy heinies everywhere!!!

PS: FREE Angel Soft TP is available at Kroger! Watch your Sunday papers for $.50 off coupons that will be doubled at Kroger- scoring you 4 FREE rolls of Angel Soft.



As you know, we have TP issues at my house :-) so I was so excited to see your post. But...I just went to I printed the coupons, but one is for 50 cents off TP and one is for 50 cents off 2 pkgs of wipes. I didn't see a $1 coupon.

Tina C

I too was excited, guess I'm easily amused! But I have not found the dollar coupon either. You wouldn't be able to post a link would you?

Thanks so much for all the tips!

Laura Webber

Hmmmm, OK... I received the $1 coupons after making a pledge for something toilet paperish... I don't have the link (I'm not that savvy) but when I cross its path, I'll pass it on! Sorry!

Tina C

I found it! You have to "create a pledge", an option on the right of the Cottonelle homepage. When you submit it you will get the opportunity to print the dollar coupon.

Ta Da!!

Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

Hey Laura - the Angel Soft coupons are for 6 roll packs and the 4 pack rolls are the ones that are $1 at Kroger, right??? Just wanted to make sure I'm not messing something up and missing free toilet paper!!!


Thank you! Laura, did you print more than one?

Laura Webber

For the Angel Soft, the coupons from the Sunday paper were for 4 roll packs, but the online printables are for the 6 or more roll packages! I am so looking forward to more Angel Soft's in the paper!

As for the Cottonelle, I think that I was able to print two... I printed them so long ago, I can't remember... but I had two coupons.


cool, thanks Laura!


Hey Laura - can you tell me which Walmart store you found the 4 packs at. I've been to the Pontiac Trail store and couldn't find them there. Thanks for your help! :o) Blessings!


My Walmart doesn't have the 4 packs either... bummer. Still on the hunt for FREE tp! :-)