Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Target Gift Card Challenge Update:

My trips to Target have been scarce recently... but I am actually posting about two little trips.

This is my latest trip (preceded by the 10 trial sized packages of Nexcare band-aids... not shown but $.59), I picked up 6 Crystal Light packets up by the check out and I actually purchased 6 of these 6oz Edy's with Target's online printable coupons for $1... final cost $.19/each.

After these purchases I have spent $13.31 of my $20 gift card, leaving me $6.69 for future purchases.

My $13.31 spent has actually purchased $260.75 worth of products using Target store and manufacturer coupons combined with sales and savvy shopping skills!!!



Were you able to use the Edy's coupon (which is a super target webcoupon) at a regular Target? I tried tonight and they refused.

Laura Webber

Yes, they are all supposed to honor any Target coupon. Call corporate and they will educate your store. Bummer, sorry!


I actually called corporate (after I left the store) and they said if it said SuperTarget and it didn't ring up on the register, than they wouldn't accept it. I may try again though...thanks.