Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grocery Shopping at Meijer

Both of these pictures are from Meijer this morning!!!

Grocery Total: $118.03
Spent: $33.78 & Saved: $84.25
44 coupons used
24 FREE items
(10 Kool Aid packets, 12 pkg's Quilted Northern, 5 box pkg Mac & Cheese for purchasing 20 Kool Aid packets + I earned $4 off of purchasing 2 sugars with this past weekend's coupon and Crystal Light Essentials box)

I decided to shop this morning, so I read the sale paper online (I hate reading it online, but the flyer i no longer delivered to my home!!!). After picking out my purchases, I looked at the mealbox coupons (, type in mealbox in the search box, when a box pops up, select coupons and scroll through...) and I noticed a Quilted Northern $1 6 rolls or large coupon. I ran to check my coupon box for Quilted Northern manufacturer coupons- and I found some for $1 off, but they expired 3 days ago.

I decided to take my chances and bring both the store and manufacturer Quilted Northern coupons with me- my plan was to ask my cashier if it was OK for me to use my 3 day expired coupons... my cashier and the store manager both said yes (my cashier verified) so I used dual coupons on my already on sale TP!!!

These 6 double roll packs normally sell for $4.77/pkg.
This week they are on sale for $2.50/pkg.
Minus $2 for the $1 store & $1 manufacturer coupons
$.50/pkg of 12 rolls!

***I used a gift card that I had earned from a really bad shopping experience... just keeping up with my 15 months of NOT paying a cent for toilet paper!!! I heart coupons!!!

***Just for the record, and for you to follow suit, it is VERY important NOT to spend expired coupons without explicit permission, that's considered stealing. I make it a practice to "just ask" if I have a great coupon that is expired less than a week!

So go check your coupon stash, print your mealbox coupons and head to Meijer...