Thursday, June 4, 2009

Q & A

Coupon Clipper: Maybe it's just me, but it seems like there are not nearly as many good deals out there as there were a month or so ago. The coupons seem to be lacking and I haven't seen many good deals at the pharmacies Any ideas why? Is this just a normal cycle pattern?

Me: Last year (my first couponning year) I wondered the same thing. I have read, and it has felt like the truth in my own experience, that product sales have "seasons." Weird huh?

It seems like in the winter and spring tooth care and basic hygiene products and cleaning supplies (spring cleaning...) are ridiculously inexpensive, the when summer is about to hit we see sun screen, insect repellent and BBQing items (think of my $.25 pkg's of hot dogs and FREE or nearly FREE condiments) with great coupons. This fall we should expect some great deals on canned beans and veggies- for the "soup making months." Then the shopping cycle will begin all over again...

This is why stockpiling is so important. When I see a great deal on Lysol wipes in the spring, like when Meijer has them 50% off and I have a coupon, I will purchase enough to last me for the ENTIRE YEAR. It seems goofy, but if I can eradicate that expense for another 12 months when the wipes are at the lowest possible price, than I believe that that is the wisest way to spend my money. Then, the following year I will cross my fingers and hope that Meijer will have the same sale again- and I will purchase for the following year- NEVER leaving me to have to pay full price... ever!

The first year of couponning was an education of seasons... but hang in there, you'll learn a lot from this first year and you'll be a become a better shopper because of it!!!