Sunday, May 3, 2009

The YAY! YAY! GIVEAWAY Revealed:

My husband picked three random numbers, on high, one low and one somewhere in between.

I started counting backwards from the very bottom of my listing of followers, so here goes:

The $10 Kroger gift card belongs to Jess (mom to 3 sassy's) (#6)

The $10 Target gift card belongs to 4ZzFm7g... (you know who you are :)) (#22)

The $10 CVS gift card belongs to Shannon (#42)

Please email me back through SYS with your mailing address and I will happily send you your gift card!

Thank you to each of you who follow Sharpen Your Scissors, it has been fun for me to celebrate with you! Keep reading for future giveaways!



How do I know if I am #42??


Oh you were picking them based on your followers!! I thought you were going to randomly pick a comment!! I was like, hey I'm the only one who left a comment!! Funny:-)


You have my address right?? haha!
Tell Dave thanks for me!