Saturday, May 2, 2009

Q & A

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: I follow the whole thing on manufacturers picturing the most expensive on the coupon and the importance of reading the language. But, I still don't follow how some of these coupon - sale match-ups work.

For example, I saw the Listerine deal at Walgreen's this week. On sale for 2/$8. Get $4 RR and use 2 - $2 coupons. My $2 coupons said they were only good for Listerine Total Care - which was not part of the sale (or at least that was what I was told). Am I missing other coupons? Or something other catch in the transaction?

I also noticed that with the Huggies wipes you got at Kroger last week. On sale for $1 - I did use my $1 off a Huggies Bath and Body Product. However my 75 cent wipes coupons said 64ct or more - these were only 40 count. I couldn't get these for 25 cents like you did.

Me: Coupon language does need to be read... and correctly. And, yes, the manufacturer's do place the highest vale item that may be purchased with that particular item on their coupon.

If your Listerine coupon states that it can only be used on a particular Listerine product then you need to obey that wording.

The same thing goes with the Huggies product coupons. I had read on another blog that the Huggies wipes were selling at Kroger 10/$10 or $1 each, and the blog also outlined which Huggies coupons were available to use. I read the blog post and jumped right out on the deal- grabbing the same coupons that were reported on the other blog.

I ran out and spent most of mine- very excitedly, and then was asked about that coupon being for the 64+ count in the comments section of my blog post. I was completely wrong to use the $.75 coupon because I used it on a 40 count package. The Bath & Body coupon was accepted because I was using the coupon on a Huggies body (bum) product. My store accepts that particular coupon for wipes.

I felt very badly, as I do my best to always obey coupon policies and redemption. I called Kimberly-Clark, the Huggies manufacturer to apologize and to ask if they would like for me to return the wipes. The Customer Service Rep. was surprised at my apology (which is funny to me) and said that if the coupon scanned (which it did) and the store was willing to accept the coupon (which they were) then it was acceptable to Kimberly-Clark.

Like I said before, I do my best to always play by the rules. It is my responsibility to shop in an honorable manner- especially since I teach others to shop in the same fashion that I do. It is really easy for me to read about a deal on another blog and just jump out and repeat what they have done. Now, especially after the wipes ordeal and sheepishly needing to call the manufacturer to apologize, I try to always read my coupons before I spend them. I do try my best, but I probably will more mistakes and I actually appreciate being called out on my mis-spending of coupons. My ethical standard is much higher and scoring a sweet deal. And if I have done something wrong, I would prefer to make it right rather than just over looking it.

Thank you for taking the time to look deeply into my blog, I really do appreciate it!
love, Laura



The fact that you would call Kimberly Clark and offer to return the wipes speaks volumes about your integrity! It doesn't surprise me that they were shocked. Sadly, honesty like that is rare in our culture these days. Thank you for sharing this story.

Laura Webber

Thank you, I always strive to shop with kindness and integrity!