Thursday, May 14, 2009

Super K's at it again....

Welp, it looks like Kmart (actually only the Super K's this round) are doubling again. $2 coupons magically become $4 coupons...

Here are the Super K locations in Michigan:

3575 Madison Heights, MI
4059 Taylor, MI
4995 Southgate, MI
4998 Roseville, MI
7634 Port Huron, MI
9814 Detroit, MI

If you live outside these areas check your local sales paper online at

Good luck!



Laura, next time, please mention that the doubling begins on SUNDAY as I got to the checkout on Sat. and had to not purchase anything! Just for us newbies..

Julie Long

I went to Kmart today with many $2 off coupons in hand. I was highly disappointed that they were either out of stock or did not carry most of the items I had come to purchase! They also would not honor my 2 expired coupons for Pull-ups(I even asked a manager). This is why I do not usually shop at Kmart...nothing but disappointment!