Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spending Reward Money

I LOVE to spend store reward money! When I have store reward money (Extra Care Bucks at CVS or Register Rewards (RR's) at Walgreen's) I choose to stealthfully spend in one of the following ways:

1. I look for another product that offers store rewards, and I spend my first reward money to purchase the second item for FREE + more reward money!

2. I look for items that I can purchase that I will receive rebate money for. I usually find these types of offers either in the store (attached to the product: Organix's shampoo for example) or I read about them in the coupon section of the newspaper.

3. I will purchase something that will keep the rest of my grocery bill lower, like milk or toilet paper.

This week we needed a bag of tortilla chips to go with a snack that we were taking to Cell group (we belong to 242 Community Church FYI...

I had a $2 RR and a $10 RR, but only the $2 RR was expiring.

My chips were $4, so I planned on using my expiring $2 RR. Then, once I was inside the store I came across this vitamin supplement that was $9 with a $9 RR after purchase.

I decided to spend my $12 in RR's on my $13 worth of products, and I received $9 in RR to spend later.

So, I lost $1 in store rewards, but I was able to purchase the chips that I needed for ONLY $1. Yay!