Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here is How I Do It....

I've been asked how I set myself up to shop quickly AND score sweet deals... here is a visual guide.

First, I pull out my sales flyer and I circle (usually with a Sharpie) all of the items that I am interested in purchasing. Then I make a list of these items on a note card. *I do not put my standard milk, lettuce, tomatoes type items on this list since I always purchase these items anyways.

Secondly, after clipping and sorting my coupons, I flip through the sections of my coupon box that match the items that I have circled in the weekly flyer, and I pull out ONLY the coupons that I am interested in spending.

This is what a typical grocery list looks like, coupons attached to the list.

The last step is to "file" my list and coupons into my small (13 pocket) purse binder under the appropriate store.
I hope this was helpful!!!



Thanks for this post. I enjoy seeing other ways of being an efficient shopper.