Thursday, April 16, 2009


When I first began using coupons I couldn't figure out what all of the fuss about rebating was about. Sure, purchase an item and get at least some money back... big whoop!

WOW I sure was wrong!!!

At the end of last June I began rebating myself... and between June and December I received $300. Yay! We used that money to purchase Christmas presents since my husband had been out of work at the time.

I feel like there are three general types of rebaters...

1. The Recycling Rebater: the recycling rebater will set aside maybe $25 or so per year to purchase rebatable items, and when the checks come in, (s)he will recycle that money into purchasing another rebatable item. Thus recycing the $25 over and over while scoring some FREEBIES.

2. The Loaning Rebater: The loaning rebater allows stores or companies to borrow their money for a short while in return for their money being returned in a few weeks + FREE items. This rebater is willing to shell out all sorts of cash up front.

3. The Budgeted Rebater: the rebater on a budget will look for ways to include rebatable items into their weekly/ monthly shopping adventures. Scoring some FREE products while maintaining enough funds for the rest of the items necessary to run their household.

I personally am a Budgeted Rebater... I thrive on the thrill of the hunt AND getting the most bang for my buck! I always keep my eyes open to ways in which I will receive a nice little check in the mail. I heart good snail mail!

What kind of rebater are you?


Frank Moricca

Cooper tires is running a very consumer friendly rebate through the end of April, up to $50 on a set of 4 tires. go to for more information.


I am an "accidental rebater". I was like you, ok, so what's little bit of money back for "a lot of work". Until I realized that by buying mass quantities of good deals, I was qualifing for rebates (and giveaways). Like the recent Unilever ham/turkey rebate. I had "accidently" bought $37 worth of Lipton tea... Sure worth running out to get $3 more to get the $20 back on the ham I purchased anyway. My latest was I bought 6 boxes of rasin bran (my hubby's favorite) and I needed 5 boxes to get a free dvd. Sounds like a fathers day gift to me!!


Savings account rebater... When the rebate comes in, it goes into my son's savings account.



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