Monday, April 13, 2009

Q & A

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: Thanks again for the class last week - it was so great to meet you and I was so happy to get some questions answered.

So - first - I went to CVS today and I did it!!!! I rolled my extra care bucks - WOO HOO! I had $10 in ECB from the Huggies Pull-Ups deal last week. I got two tubes of toothpaste, clean & clear face wash and some wipes on clearance (to get to $10). I paid 34 cents and I got $8 back in ecb - not too bad for a rookie ;) I also spent $26 at Kroger on a cart full of groceries - I love it :)

Me: YAY! You are cleaning up quite nicely at CVS!!!! And the grocery store!!!!

Coupon Clipper: Okay - so now for the bombardment of questions!!!! I'll try to spread them out a little (and just let me know when I get annoying!).

1. At CVS do you mostly only buy things that will get you extra care bucks back so that they are always rolling? What if you see something there that is a really great deal but doesn't get you ecb? Do you not use your ecb to pay for it and wait to buy things with your ecb that will get you more?

Me: I normally only purchase items that earn me more Extra Care Bucks (rolling), but I occasionally splurge on items that I may just want- or that I can purchase to keep other areas of my budget low, like a great deal on toilet paper or laundry soap.

Coupon Clipper: 2. How do you actually organize yourself at the grocery store??? I am getting better and better at organizing myself before I go, but at the store I still find myself getting flustered. I end up with coupons I'm using, but in different transactions - coupons I'm not using because the deal didn't end up being as good as I thoughts (prices not listed in flier) - coupons I'm not using and need rain checks for...etc!

Me: I keep myself organized while shopping by using my list as my guide. If I have a coupon for an item I write it on my list. I keep referencing my list as I shop. Every once in a while, when I have a MAJOR trip planed with several transactions, I will bring a couple of note cards with me. I have transaction #1, transaction #2 and transaction #3 written one per card. Then, as I am shopping, I paperclip my coupons for each transaction to the corresponding note card.

Coupon Clipper: 3. I tried using Uscan at Meijer last week and it was such a pain. The attendant had to come over and verify a ton of coupons. Is there any way to avoid that?

Me: I rarely leave the U-scan without help either. When I use the U-scan machines I make my time spent at the machines as easy as possible by first giving the attendant any rain checks that I may have. After scanning all of my items I first scan my manufacturer's coupons with specific savings ($.35 coupon). Then the attendant will need t help me with any buy one get one free coupons, free product coupons or mealbox coupons.

I wish it were easier- but with coupons save money and cost a little bit of time!!! :)