Monday, April 6, 2009

Mealbox Coupons

I just spoke with Meijer Corporate in regards to the change in wording on the mealbox coupons. For as long as I had been using the mealbox coupons through March 2009 the coupon wording across the top of the coupon said "store coupon."

Now a change has been made calling these coupons "Meijer manufacturer coupons."

Just like Rite Aid, who also calls their store coupons "Rite Aid manufacturer coupons," Meijer had just changed the verbiage from store to Meijer manufacturer... both still mean the same thing. Store coupon specifically for Meijer. (Maybe people were trying to use the mealbox coupons elsewhere and so Meijer decided to brand their coupons?)

Since Meijer mealbox manufacturer coupons are store coupons they may be combined with standard 'clipped from the newspaper/printed on the Internet' manufacturer coupons. This type of double coupon using is called stacking.

To print mealbox coupons for yourself, visit
Type in meal box in the search box.When meal box pops up, go to specials, and under specials you will find coupons. You may print these as many times as you like.

Mealbox coupons will often have limits as to how many items that you are allowed to purchase per transaction. I ask my cashier if they would prefer me to make several small transactions or if they would mind using multiple mealbox coupons in one transaction- often, I am allowed to make just one transaction.



Thanks for getting my question answered, Laura! I probably would never have actually called Meijer or tried to use them. Coupons make me nervous :)


What about catalinas? For instance, when a $1/1 Pampers catalina prints, it always says Manufacturer Coupon on the top. Do you know if it's okay to stack catalinas with manufacturer coupons? (I assumed NOT, so I never have.)

Laura Webber

A catalina is a manufacturer coupon so it may ONLY be stacked with a store coupon.


If a catalina prints out at Meijer, can the catalina be used as a manufacturer coupon at another location? I had some catalinas from Meijer, but they clearly state manufacturer coupon. I tried to use them at Walgreens this weekend and was told they are only good at Meijer.

Laura Webber

Hi Amanda,
I clip the store logo off of the catalina's to make this less confusing for the cashier. A manufacturer coupon is a manufacturer coupon!


Hi Laura,

I just had my first problem with stacking Meijer coupons with store coupons yesterday. (Why did they have to go and change the wording, augghhh!) Even the front manager told me this couldn't be done "as stated on the weekly flyer and the coupon" and they wouldn't listen to me and my explanation. I told them about your call to corporate, and they told me that corporate was wrong and they were right then, lol. How would you handle such a situation?

Laura Webber

Call corporate and ask to have your store educated. Sorry, changes are always hard... especially on store employees.


I am a newbie when it comes to coupons and have just started using meijer coupons. Today when using one of their coupons I was told that it was a manufacturer coupon and therefore could not be combined with another coupon. I tried to explain that they were not the same thing, but I was told I was wrong! I just got off the phone after spending 20 minutes talking to customer service and was told the same thing! I still think I am right! I have also emailed a question regarding their coupons and so I'm waiting for their response. What else can I do? I am very frustrated!

Laura Webber

I'll call again and update here... I'm so bummed with their change in wording!!!


I got my response to my email question from the mealbox coordinator - they definitely CAN be combined with another manufacturer coupon. I'm printing out that email and will carry it with me to Meijer when I shop!