Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grocery Game Plan: Meijer

I have been asked by several ladies to share what I may be eyeing in the weekly grocery ads...

April 5-11, 2009

Land O Lakes butter, $2, use $.50 coupon

Philadelphia cream cheese $.99

Turkey, save $15... I'll check this out in the store!

Johnsonville Brats, I have a $5 GC from a rebate

Uncle Ben's rice 3/$5

French's Mustard 5/$5, use $.30 coupon

Daisy Sour cream, recent coupon?

Kraft salad dressing 3/$5, use $1.50 coupon

Crystal Light B2G2... I think you purchase 4, 3 are FREE

Ziploc's, $2 each, manufacturer + mealbox coupons

McCormick's 30% off + manufacturer coupons + mealbox coupon

Bounty paper towels, 5/$5, use manu. $1 off 2

Revlon 50% off

Eggs $.88

I may or may not purchase all of these items, but they are the (in my opinion) best deals at Meijer this week! Happy shopping!

PS: please let me know if you like this new 'feature items' addition to my blog. To be honest, it feels kind of weird... but if it is helpful, I'll continue!



I think it's very helpful! Sometimes I want to come pick you up and take your money saving brain with me shopping! This is my way of doing that without having to kidnap you:-) But if it adds a lot of extra work for you, don't worry about it! ~Gina

Laura Webber

It isn't the work... I just feel a little bit goofy! Whay should I really care though- I take pictures of everything anyway!!!


I think this is very, very helpful, many other sites do this too and it takes a lot of the work out if for us beginners :))


Thank you for doing this Laura. It is, indeed, helpful. However, I'm quite proud of myself because my Kroger and Meijer lists were very similar to yours before you posted them. The Johnsonville Sausage Links and Patties were sold out at Meijer, but I got a rain check to purchase 4 of each in the future.

I shopped at 6 stores on Monday - spent $87.93 (does not include $10 rebate for The Natural Dentist mouth wash) and saved $208.91! Thanks for all of your help!


Hi Laura,
I really like the featured items. It helps me know what to look for before shopping. Thanks for adding it.