Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grocery Shopping at Kroger

Grocery Total: $ 44.41
Spent: $19.61 & Saved: $24.80
19 coupons used
***$19.99 rebate to follow***

Buying a turkey in April is as silly as going to Dairy Queen in January... in my opinion!

BUT... I would buy a Turkey in April if I was going to get it for FREE!

Unilever is running a promotion. If you purchase $40 worth of Unilever family products during April then Unilever will reimburse your Easter ham or turkey up to $20.

Dove, Axe Degree & Suave are all Unilever products, and I have scored $43 of them this month between rolling my store rewards at Walgreen's and my doubled coupons at Kmart. I did spend $4.50 + tax on my Unilever products, but I earned $24 in store rewards from my purchases.

The Turkey I purchased normally retails for $25.99 but it was on sale for $19.99. Plus, I had found a tear pad in Kroger about 6 months ago for $5 any Jennie-O Homestyle Turkey.

So I paid $14.99 for my $26 turkey, but I will receive $19.99 back in a rebate check!

I hope this turkey is yummy!

Here is a picture of the Unilever rebate form. It was only available in clippable form from the Sunday paper a few weeks ago. If you think that you may have enough Unilever products purchased this month to qualify for a rebate feel free to email me (through the blog email in the upper right hand corner of the homepage) I have a few extra copies!


Becky C

Check out for all the Unilever brands. I was shocked that there were brands that I have bought this month that I had no idea were Unilever. You may just qualify for the free ham or turkey without even trying. I also have extra copies of the rebate form if anyone needs one.