Friday, April 24, 2009

Bath & Body Works

Just a couple of days ago I received and email from a new reader of Sharpen Your Scissors. She had been reading ALL of my back postings and was shocked at all of the goodies that I had scored from B&BW. I replied that every once in a while B&BW emails some of the most ridiculously awesome coupons out and that's when I stock up on my favorites!

This morning I received one of those emails: FREE lip gloss (up to $12) with ANY purchase!!!

Well, any purchase in my book means the least expensive items that I can find!!!

I picked up 10 1oz hand sanitizers for $1.50 each. **They are advertised 5/$5 but are regular price when you purchase them individually.

I am planning to tie a cute thank you note around the neck of each bottle for my Son's Sunday School teachers... they take such wonderful care of him each week!!!

Then... I received 10 ($72 worth) lip glosses to feed my lip gloss habit!
If you have never worn B&BW lip gloss- it is a MUST try!

Here is the printable link:



The coupon says "limit one per customer". Did they let you use 10 coupons?

Laura Webber

I always ask first! Actually, my store of choice (inside 12 Oaks Mall in Novi) allows it as long as you are purchasing with multiple transactions.


the Fenton store allowed several transactions today. (It's next to the Kmart, they restocked today and I just had to make one more run).

Thanks for the heads up on the lip care !


Becky C

I went today. Between Katie, my 13 yr-old, and myself we used 7 coupons. You can imagine how excited she was about FREE lipgloss! I am planning to keep some of the freebies for "party favors" when Katie has friends over for her birthday. I found $1 lotion at the check-out and used that as my "any purchase" with 1 coupon. $12 lipgloss and $3 lotion for $1.06. Not bad!!